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Dynamic or Database Driven Websites enable you to have an internet or online presence, but give you more control over the content of your website. This avoids having to contact your website provider each time you want to change your online product catalogue, update your product prices, add, change or remove rental bookings or add or remove members from your society or association.

Using our pre-developed solution templates First Strike Dynamics are able to provide an online presence adapted specifically to your business, society or association. This results in getting you online quicker and more economically than having a bespoke solution developed.

Our Property Rental Website or Holiday Home Rental Website solutions allow you to advertise your property and the local area, take, change or delete bookings and immediately see the resulting updated availability.

Our Club Website, Association Website or Society Website solutions provide an environment for members to log in and keep up to date. These may be to view or post minutes from meetings, view information relating to the progress of current developments or post details of any new developments, post views or details of forthcoming events or to communicate with other members.

As well as providing complete website solutions, First Strike Dynamics will be happy to discuss the adaptation of an existing website to allow you more control over your content or refurbishment if you want to change the look and feel.

Our Dynamic or Database Driven Website solutions are provided using PHP5 and MySQL5.

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