First Strike Dynamics - Dynamic or Database Driven Website Solutions


Dynamic or Database Driven Website Solutions

First Strike Dynamics was set up with the aim of delivering Dynamic, or Database Driven Website Solutions to both commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Instead of storing site content in the actual web page ( static content websites ) Dynamic or Database Driven Websites store site content in a database that is separate from the actual web page. This allows changes to be made to part or all of a web pages’ content without having to change the actual page itself which removes the necessity of being conversant with programming or scripting computer languages used to develop web pages such as Hyper Text Markup Language ( HTML ).

A Content Management System, or CMS, enables content to be added to, changed in or deleted from a website database.

Dynamic or Database Driven Websites enable an organization to have more control over the management of their site content.

With our built in Content Management Systems you have the ability to add, change or delete your site content when and how you want to.

Do you want to add, change or delete products or services from your Company Website or Business Website ?

Do you want to add, change or delete bookings to your Property Rental Website or Holiday Home Rental Website ?

Do you want to add details of forthcoming events, post minutes of meetings or publish agenda’s for up and coming meetings on your Club Website, Association Website or Society Website ?

Make these changes via the Content Management System and immediately see those changes reflected in your website without having to contact your website provider.

First Strike Dynamics have developed a range of Dynamic Website Templates that allow us to help you gain an internet presence quickly and economically.

We also offer Bespoke Website Design, Website Refurbishment or Website Adaptation from static to dynamic website services.

Needless to say, all of our websites are designed with consideration to Internet Search Engines. Although not the only factor, good Search Engine Optimization of a website, both in structure and content can only be beneficial in helping to influence a websites position in Search Engine Results Pages.

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